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Directed by Adam Belanger


Christo Graham , Francis Melling, Brandon Thomas & Laura Vincent

Produced by David Lafontaine

Stage Managed by Marvin Araneta
Set design by Adam Belanger
Costume designer - Jenni Lee Pickett

$30.00 General Admission

$20 Arts worker

Limited PWYC tickets available on October 7 and October 9



visit our friends at henderson brewing www.hendersonbrewing.com

visit our friends at henderson brewing www.hendersonbrewing.com

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New Classes Start Monthly

Current sessions run until October 28th. Email us at 102actorslab@gmail.com to inquire about the next round.

Our Classes


Advanced scene study w/David Lafontaine


5:00pm - 9:00pm

JANUARY 20TH, 27th & FEBRUARY 3RD, 10th, 24th

(10 people max)

EARLY BIRD Pricing $265 hst. included (ended January 1st)

Regular Pricing $295 hst included



6:00pm - 10:00pm

JANUARY 21st, 28th & FEBRUARY 4TH, 11th, 25TH (No Classes FAMILY DAY weekend)

(12 people max)

EARLY BIRD Pricing $265 hst. included (ENDED JAN. 1ST)

Regular Pricing $295 hst included

Audit: $10 and must be scheduled through email.

Advanced Scene Study

David's approach to acting has been developed over the last ten years working as a director, actor and screen writer in film, television and theatre. Using his keen understanding of script, direction and action; the advanced scene study is designed as if preparing and rehearsing for a production - theatre or film - spending all the time on our feet focused on strengthening the actors understanding of their objectives.  Each week actors will receive new scenes selected from an array of modern and classic plays as well as theatrical features. Breaking down the scenes in class, we will concentrate actors/characters intentions and goals; exploring different ways of achieve them through what we know from the text. What does your character want? What are the Power dynamics in a scene that can inform the action? How to use different tactics to achieve your goal?

As the five weeks progress so do we as a class. Layering and growing what we know and what we've learned into each scene.

This class is for actors of all methods of study and development. It's not about teaching but about finding - through individual method - a way to dig deeper as an actor; identifying the blocks and habits we’ve developed in our process and working to overcome them.

For more information or To REGISTERCLICK HERE or email us at 102actorslab@gmail.com

Please leave your name, CV and short introduction AS WELL AS THE CLASS YOU WISH TO TAKE You will receive a response asap. 

Payments can be made by e transfer.


ACTING AND impulse

THE APPROACH: This is a five-week course that will teach you how to pull a scene apart and put it back together.  You will learn tools to apply to any scene that you are given, which will help you to find out what the scene is about and find a personal connection to the heart of the action.  You will be learning to find a way in.  Our lab will draw from the teaching of Sanford Meisner, David Mamet, and the Practical Aesthetics acting method.  We will begin with Meisner’s famous repetition exercise but building on his foundation to train our attention.  By placing our attention on the other actor, we are free to play from moment to moment in the service of an objective.  We will uncover a method of analysis where actors can find a way into the scene through a playable objective and then essentially improvise through the words given by the playwright.  By melding analysis with attention, we can learn to find and rely on our impulses.

This work will teach you to bring something new to every pass at a scene.  You can learn to bring the biggest and best possible version of yourself to all your work, whether it is in the audition room or on a stage.  No need to fake it or plan what’s going to come out the other end.  Life isn’t like that and acting should be like life.  If we always knew what was going to happen we would have no need for drama.  We need the theatre to uncover and reflect the truth.  With this lab, we will begin to work out some concrete actions and methods to move towards this end.

For more information or To register, email us at 102actorslab@gmail.com

Please leave your name, CV and short introduction. You will receive a response asap. 

Payments can be made by e transfer. 


David Lafontaine

David is the artistic director and co-founder of UNIT 102 Actors co and has work extensively in film television and theatre for the last 12 years. David has directed several productions for Unit 102 including the critically acclaimed Jesus Hopped the A Train, Of Mice and Men and The Last Days of Judas Iscariot which one outstanding production at the Critics Pick Awards. In addition to directing David has spent the last five years writing and acting for film and television developing pilots with EONE and ORIGINAL PICTURES as well two features films for GEARSHIFTS film division. His work in in front and behind the camera have helped David develop a precise eye for the craft.

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Scott Walker

A founding member of Unit 102 and has served as co-artistic director since it’s inception. He has acted in a number of plays, including Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo & Juliet, Oleanna, Last Days of Judas Iscariot, and Jesus Hopped the A-Train. He has also directed The Dwarves, Julius Caesar, Old Times, Lakeboat, and The Late Henry Moss. Scott has studied at a number of acting conservatories including learning Meisner technique from Tony Pearce at the New School of Drama and studying Practical Aesthetics at the Atlantic Acting School in New York.


"I was lucky enough to work with Dave Lafontaine on Of Mice and Men. His relationship with his actors is one of respect, trust and joy. He creates an environment where it's safe to take risks and sometimes fail, which is very freeing.

Dave's experience as an actor, director and screenwriter give him insights on character development and an understanding of story that he generously shares. He has a keen sense of how different actors work and is able to facilitate each process while expanding it for greater results. His encouragement and guidance allowed me to find depths of emotion that were very honest and stretched my performance beyond what I have come to expect. Working with Dave was one of the best experiences of my professional life."

- Thom Zimerle, Of Mice and Men, (UNIT 102 Actors) Suits (USA NETWORK)

David LaFontaine first directed me in 'Jesus Hopped the A-Train', a play by Stephen Adly Guirgis in 2014. As an actor this was one of the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had. David didn't just come to rehearsals everyday prepared to answer any questions we might have had about character or story or whatever it may be; he came to ask us questions, tough questions. He came to challenge us, to dig deeper. His dedication to the craft as an actor reflects directly in his abilities as a director. He pays very close attention and he does that because he cares. He cares about honouring the playwrights work and the actors full capabilities. There ain't no bullshit with LaFontaine.

- Andy McQueen; Jesus Hopped the 'A' Train (Unit 102) Fahrenheit 451 (HBO)


"Always focusing on text and story, Dave has a way of working that pushes actors to get out of their own way. He strives to streamline your process and bring freedom to your work while placing emphasis on serving the writer and story. He gets to know your process and rather then imposing another, he works within your own structure to help sharpen your instincts and delve further into the honesty of the moments that present themselves through the text and rehearsal."

- Nola Martin; The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (UNIT 102 Actors, 11/22/63 HULU)

"David is someone I don't think I'd ever get tired of rehearsing with. His astute attention to detail, insatiable curiosity, and advocacy for story is a powerful combination. An artist himself, he brings his heart to each piece and creates a space where the work is first priority. David's management of ego, personality and vulnerability is top tier and he always seems to know how to press (just enough) so each decision is a collaborative one. Being directed by Dave in Miss was a refreshing, challenging, and deeply motivating journey where I found myself working harder for him, and ultimately myself, then I had in a long time."

- Wayne Burns, Tyler Ward in Miss & Breakthrough Artist of 2017, NOW Magazine.

"After watching numerous riveting Unit 102 productions directed by David LaFontaine over the years, I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on the Canadian premiere of Miss. David’s passion for the work is palpable and infectious during the rehearsal process. He combines a keen eye for detail with an openness for the impulsive, an ideal combination for exciting and dynamic theatre making. His enthusiasm equally matched with generosity and kindness, David continues to engender a safe and exciting space to explore and create."

- Trevor Hayes; The Girlfriend Experience (STARS), MISS (UNIT 102 Actors)

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David is available for coaching Monday to Saturday. 
Rates: $40 for half an hour or $60 for a full hour.
$12.50 for private studio booking
In room on camera coaching $120 hour. Will tape/ edit and send. Will need up to 24 hours notice.
Must book online through 102actorslab@gmail.com